Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight at the Keswick Democratic Club

We will be playing with Dead End Path, Sacred Love, Automatic, Praise, Stick Together and our brother band, Written Off. $10 and we go on at 7pm sharp. We will have a new shirt design and hoodies of our demo design out of 10. First come, first serve, any leftovers will go up in the Living Touch webstore (

In other news we will be recording demos for our new 7" within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more information on when it will be coming out and who will be putting it out.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We are playing a fest in Nashville at Rocketown on November 20th. We'll have the rest of our first run of t-shirts and the 3rd and final press of our demo on cassette and cd.

In the coming weeks we will be writing for an EP and we'll have some announcements regarding weekends and other cool things soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Agnostic Front Tuesday!

Come out to Skull Alley Tuesday night for the AF 25th Anniversary tour. We'll have shirts with the demo art on them and the remaining copies of the second press of the tape. More info on upcoming shows, future recordings and more coming soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 2, 2010

these are the lyrics for the demo

1. trust issues

i don't know what the fuck you meant to say
but i think i got the point you couldn't make
so i really don't wanna see your face
especially after you took all there was to take

its not like he did it on purpose
just left behind some confused kids
left with no one to talk to
took to the streets to avoid the truth

wasted too much time on the ones who walked away
to ever expect anyone else to stay
a fantasy i'll hold inside
to protect myself in a world of lies

2. peace talks

not trying to waste my breath
on anymore kids being apathetic
if you don't fucking care
let me show you the door cause its right over there
you think all this is childish
then why'd you drop out of college
you once had a reason to be here
then what fucking changed that made you split were you scared?

there's nothing you deserve
more than a fist in the face
for the city you disgraced

trend hopper, crowd follower, shit talker
fortunate son hipster scholar
nothing you say can save your second face
the one that felt it right to talk so big when i'm out of state
shit travels fast and there's nothing to take back
so skew your view of the truth
refuse to back your word with proof
i can't count the reasons not to speak with you

3. life's noose

sometimes i just can't seem to sleep
no rest for the wicked even in my dreams
i don't think its a matter of depression
i'd call it an excess of aggression
so now i lay me down to sleep
and work tomorrow for something to eat

4. persecution

the only kids i respect anymore
are the ones down for the fucking core
been playing the nice guy far too long
taught to believe everyone belonged
now i see i was wrong
convictions weren't so strong
i'm still holding on
to the feeling of being young
hardcore is the air in my lungs
its in all our blood

misguided attempts at drawing me away
did nothing but instill me with the will to stay
all your talk is fucking cheap
not an ounce of you knows what this means
now i see i was wrong
convictions weren't so strong
i'm still holding on
to the feeling of being young
hardcore is the air in my lungs
its in all our blood

pit or die, time to decide

this is all i believe in
not freedom of expression
freedom of religion

living free from persecution

5. fate decided

there's not an ounce of faith
left inside these veins
to believe that everything will be ok
not a mistake i intend to make
so i'll leave you pathetic motherfuckers in my wake
never kneeling for the past
not trying to make a fucking mess
not pretending i've been blessed
just giving my 110 percent
my fates decided

if life is what you make it
then i'll save some time and fucking take it
its not like we were built to last
flesh and bones turn to dust so fast
not trying to be the best at being prepared like the rest
not killing time just taking what's mine
i will not leave it up to fate
to decide for me which path to take

don't waste your time with saving my soul
my fate will be decided by the brain in my skull

uncross this heart and learn to live
i will thrive in sin while you pretend to give

Show this Saturday in Indianapolis

Drive up if youre a Louisvillian and move to Louisville and drive up with a Louisvillian if youre not.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demo 2010 upload

We recorded our 5 song demo and an additional track for the Living Touch Louisville Sound compilation today in Indianapolis. Were posting the demo for free below so please check it out and buy a tape at the Agitator show. They will be hand stenciled and numbered out of 20. Dont miss out.

Another Mistake- Life's Noose 2010 demo